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Fairtrade Felt Goods

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Fairtrade Felt GoodsMy Textile Treasury journey began with the Fairtrade Women’s Cooperatives in Nepal. Subsequently I have listed them first.

I buy beautifully hand crafted felt goods from them, in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours:

  • Fabulous Finger Puppets
  • Beautiful Broaches
  • Knockout Keyrings
  • Racy Rucksacks - Animal and Finger Puppet Possibilities
  • Euphoric Elephants and Elephant Bags

Every item they produce is an individual and unique work of art, that seem to delight and enthrall  many customers.

Price list

How to purchase an item

Simply complete the form below, including the product type, colour and quantity you are interested in, and I'll get back to you to arrange the transaction & delivery.

You can also purchase through my Facebook page. Click here for more information.

Credit cards accepted

Credit Cards Accepted